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Welcome To The Family

Meet Our Founder, Mike!

Advanced Terpene Solutions was started by two friends with a strong passion for botanicals and a belief in their fragrances, flavors and effects on the body.

We believe in the holistic benefits offered by Mother Nature. The Synergy and Entourage effect created when terpenes and other natural food-grade components of flavor and aroma are blended into that perfect handcrafted recipe. Our mission is to deliver the finest quality oil based terpenes and natural flavors available in the world!

You can feel the craftsmanship that goes into Advanced Terpene Solutions products. The science is there and so is the passion. Not to mention their ingenious flavors! The difference is in the taste and feel. Our go to for terpenes, without a doubt!

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Buy Quality Terpenes from True Craftsmen

Each of the terpenes used in our terpene blends is tested for purity and quality by a third-party laboratory. As true craftsmen in the world of high-grade terpenes, we use only the finest materials and trust only the most stringent testing protocols. Each of our terpenes has been tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents, and must pass these tests before we use the terpenes in our specially formulated blends or terpene flavors.

Blended to Perfection

We utilize only the finest botanically derived and steam distilled terpenes as well as natural food grade elements of flavor and aroma, all blended to perfection to exceed your company’s expectations. Delivering far superior customer service as well as the ability to design exclusive and customized terpene and natural flavor profiles to help your company stand out from the rest. We look forward to earning your business and welcoming you to our family!

Terpene Blends Based on Science

Our team spends countless hours getting to know the hundreds of natural terpenes we use in our profiles. We know the science, we know the benefits, and we know which terpenes pair well for the best outcome. So whether you are wondering where to buy terpenes for personal use or commercial use, you can rest assured we’ve dedicated time to each of our products to ensure you get the best. For example, our Granddaddy Purple Profile consists of exact ratios of linalool, humulene, myrcene, and six other terpenes to deliver a strain-specific level of aromatics and flavor, but also the synergistic effects.

High Quality Wholesale Terps

Purchase Wholesale Terpenes For Commercial Use

Interested in purchasing wholesale terpenes from us? Each of our natural terpene flavors and terpene strain profiles is available in commercial sizes of up to 120ml, but we can also provide you with larger bulk terpenes if needed. Flavor sample packs are available if you aren’t sure if you need to buy terpenes of one flavor or another to create your own formulas. If you have questions about larger orders or sample packs, feel free to reach out for help.

We Keep Our Costs Low So You Reap the Savings

When you’re researching where to buy terpenes, you want to know you are getting high quality at the best price possible. While many of the terpene companies utilize large-scale blending services, we prefer to keep our processes strictly “gourmet” and authentically crafted. Keeping our processing right here with us means we have control over the quality, but this also means we can keep operational costs low and pass on the savings to you. Hyped-up costs don’t represent quality, and we would gladly stand our terpenes against any other on the market with confidence.

New Englands Best.

Flavor Sample Packs Available.

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